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Shredder is available on all platforms and is consistently good. If you are in doubt what chess software to buy then Shredder is probably the one to go for, it has a pleasing interface with a nice chess set, includes the ability to play the computer (of course), it is quite straightforward to enter moves and setup positions, you can analyse then save and e-mail games in .pgn format, and as a big bonus it has a set of tactical problems. All these features makes it a brilliant all-rounder.One minor gripe I have is that the tactics problems award rating points based on solving against the clock, this can be quite fun but often (particularly when I am tired) I want to take my time. You can let the clock run down and take as long as you need, but the competitive side of me hates being awarded zero points – perhaps more mindful meditation is required. This is a very personal gripe and probably not a big concern to most, solving against the clock can be motivating but it does lead to the kind of thinking that makes me such bad blitz player i.e. you see a promising line and in order to stop the countdown tap in the guess without looking for a refutation. One other thing I should mention is that if you move from iPhone/iTouch to iPad you need to pay again for the iPad specific version.

Geek Tip: I discovered recently that when setting up positions in Shredder, if you tap on a piece – say a Knight – when you tap on a square if you keep tapping you can cycle though white knight-black knight-clear square without having to tap back on the piece menu. This greatly speeds up position setup.

Conclusion: I think this a ‘must have’ chess app on Android, and probably for Apple devices as well (there is some competition here particularly tChess/tChesspro  which I will be covering soon). The main clincher for Android is the tactics puzzles, as I couldn’t find another Android-based tactics puzzle collection when I looked, whereas there are other offerings on Apple platforms.  I bought Shredder for iTouch, iPad and Android and haven’t been disappointed, it looks similar on all platforms and each has the same features as far as I have noticed.

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    • Hi Mtal, you can import and export individual games with Shredder but it is not really designed for database handling. I would highly recommend ‘Scid on the go’, search the market place for ‘Scid’, its the Android version of a well established Unix-based chess database. It handles their propritetary Scid format files or .pgn, it’s very good and its free.It has a nice training mode thish allows replays without showing the next moves. Also to use in conjunction with this I recommend Droidfish from the Stockfish team, which is also free.Thanks for the question, I hope this is useful. I’ve been a bit busy lately but am hoping soon to start listing my recommendations for Android, iPhone, PC etc.

  1. Thanks GeekChess for getting back to me. I do have DroidFish and it’s a great app. I will look into SCID. One thing, can I view chess base files on it? I see you said that it’s for there files so I am thinking it might not work. Oh I did hear onething about SCID, somewhere on there database someone put in 1001 Checkmates.

    Oh and looking forward to your recommendations for Android, iPhone, PC etc.

    • Scid opens .si4 and .pgn files. I noticed that Chessbase have an updated Android app out and as far as I can tell from reviews even that won’t read Chessbase format, only .pgn. It does allow you to search their online database,but I can’t decide whether that feature is really worth paying for as I can do that from my PC, the apps reviews are mixed. Assuming I start blogging more regularly I might buy it just to review, but other than the online database feature it doesn’t seem to offer as much as the free apps. If it could replay their media files it would be a whole new ball game …….

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