Chess engines part 1 – History

I joined my local chess club about four years ago, I’d owned a few dedicated chess computers over the years – and lest we forget, I work in I.T. – so it was inevitable that I was eventually going to purchase a copy of Fritz from Chessbase¬†(Fritz 9 I think it was).¬† As had happened before with the dedicated machines I owned, I could find no motivation to actually play chess against a computer, but I slowly explored the plethora of functions Fritz had to offer.¬† I grappled with saving my games to a database (tip for newbies-use ‘replace’ to save changes to a game!) , I learnt the basics of getting Fritz to analyse my games and slowly succumbed to the heroin-like charms of online blitz via the included year’s free membership to (I don’t wish to trivialise the dangers of heroin, but in chess terms blitz is an addictive waste of my life which diminishes my abilities). Continue reading